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U.S. Patent # 6772543B2
Canadian Patent # 2,368,666

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Roofmelt saving lives?

With the ongoing "clippers" affecting everyone around the country, numerous people have been injured trying to shovel snow and ice buildup off their roof.

This is a dangerous way to handle the problem.

Roofmelt sales online have skyrocketed during this onslaught of winter's worst weather. People have found out that the small 3 inch Calcium Choride tablet is quick, easy, effective, and most of all..... SAFE.

Shoveling snow off the roof can lead to a life altering fall. Simply tossing Roofmelt tablets into the affected area will allow the ice and snow to drain off the roof through the channels it creates during the melting process.

Too much physical exertion can cause injuries. Related injuries include strains, and the possibility of a heart attack. Don't take a chance and possibly injure yourself. Order here online, or call us

TOLL FREE at: 866-588-7088

We ship within one (1) business day of receiving your order.

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To fight an ice dam after it has already formed:

Use a tablet to promote ice melt, such as Roofmelt. Melts Ice Dams safely.

"Excess snow buildup on a roof can be dangerous. I've seen pictures of people cleaning the snow off their roofs with shovels. The dangers of potentially falling from the roof when loosened snow gives way and falls from the roof are clear. Stay safely on the ground and just toss a Roofmelt tablet on the roof and let it do the work."




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Eliminate ice dams safely from the ground – no need for a ladder, extension equipment or other tools. RoofMelt™ tablets work on contact with trapped water, melting existing ice.

1.. Helps prevent damage from Ice Dams

2.. Eliminates Ice Dams and expensive damage

3.. Simple to use-Toss a tablet on the roof and let it do the work

4.. Roofmelt is a proven and inexpensive product


How it works:

1. While safely on the ground, toss a Roofmelt tablet onto the roof.

2. The Roofmelt Tablet melts down and settles on the roof surface.

3. Roofmelt begins to work when it comes in contact with snow & ice.

The Roofmelt tablet & water mixture begin to melt (from the bottom up) the existing ice dam.

4. Water drains from the roof, to the ground. The ice dam and the snow are safely eliminated.

Roof Melt Tablets ...

Designed To Prevent Damage To roofsFrom Ice Dams. Made From Calcium Chloride. Easy to use... Simply toss a RoofMelt Tablet on the roof & let it do the work! No ladders or extension equipment needed. Proven reliable & Inexpensive product. Toss 1 tablet on every sq. ft. of problem area and it begins to work within the hour. No long term adverse effects to the roof or surrounding area.

Ice Dams:

On a smaller scale, is a problem of house and building maintenance in cold climates. An ice dam can occur when snow accumulates on the slanted roof of a house with inadequate insulation and ventilation in the attic. Warmth coming up through the roof melts the snow. Meltwater flows down the roof, under the blanket of snow, onto the eave and into the gutter, where colder conditions on the overhang cause it to freeze. Eventually, ice accumulates along the eave and in the gutter. Snow that melts later cannot drain properly through the ice on the eave and in the gutter.

This can result in:

Leaking roof (height of leak depends on extent of ice dam). Wet, ineffective insulation. Stained or cracked plaster or drywall. Rotting timber. Stained, blistered or peeling paint.
Under extreme conditions, with heavy snow and severe cold, almost any house can have an ice dam, whereas a house that is poorly insulated and ventilated will have ice dams during normal winter weather. Giant icicles hanging from the eave are one indication of a poorly insulated, poorly ventilated attic.

Customer Testimonials

Tom from Fulton New York had this to say:

I used your Roofmelt product and it worked GREAT...Today I purchased a second bucket of 60 tablets at my local Do It Best store and encouraged them to keep stocking it. I figure going through about 6 buckets a season. Good Product.

Mike P. from Bloomington Minnesota had this to say:

Roofmelt  is a very easy product to use, works so good you will be amazed. This winter 2010 so far in Minnesota has been hard for so many of us. Endless shoveling. 40 + inches of snow a record setting year for sure. Now melting snow creates ice dams. I had a bad one for the last 2 weeks and it was growing, Almost 12 inches thick at edge of roof. I turned to RoofMelt for help. I raked the heavy snow drift back about 6 feet. Dropped the RoofMelt tabs as the instructions said and the magic happened. Within 5 hours water was draining off, not freezing and the dam within 5 hours was reduced by several inches thick. Now today 3 days later the ice dam is gone. Its so easy no ladders no problems no ice dams. RoofMelt is what you need. For less then  $20.00 you will save thousands from damage that would have been caused. Buy this product its the best out there. I guarantee it !!

Michael T. Pike. from Bloomington Minnesota had this to say:

Hi there, I used your product today for the very first time in a very snowy Minnesota climate. WOW  Ice dam 9 inches deep now 4.5 in 5 hours at 20  farenheight.. Amazing. I would love to give you guys a great plug and thanks for such a great product.

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U.S. Patent # 6772543B2 Canadian Patent # 2,368,666

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From: Susan F.......

Your Roofmelt product is fantastic!

I purchased a bucket for my parents who live in Madison Wisconsin, where they had over 100 inches of snow this year. Even though they were using a snow rake to get the snow off the roof, they were still getting ice dams.

Even my 78 year old mother who is only 4'11" and has limited range of "throwing motion" due to a previously broken shoulder was able to throw them on the roof. (She did mention that she had to be careful not to hit a window and that her aim did improve over the winter...in fact she said she was getting "pretty good".)

Because the product worked...

1) my parents no longer worried about water potentially leaking inside their house from ice dams and

2) their children no longer worried about their parents standing on ladders or getting up on the roof to solve the problem.

Thank you for such a wonderful idea. We will be purchasing more of them to be prepared for next winter.


Susan F......

Clarendon Hills, Illinois


Hardware Hank

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